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Daedal dream catchers- Ice Berry

Daedal dream catchers- Ice Berry

Daedal dream catchers- Ice Berry Rating:
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Daedal dream catchers- Ice Berry - Product Description

Dream catchers are the art and craft practiced by Native American people. The Ojibwa people have woven dream catchers with materials available in the nature such as twigs, sinew and feathers to teach natural wisdom to their young. A precious/ semi-precious gemstone is woven in the web of the circle indicating there is only one creator. It is believed that the dream catcher has the power to catch all of a person's dreams, trapping only the bad ones and letting only the good dreams to pass through. Daedal Dream Catchers is a brand which draws inspiration from the beautiful history of dream catchers and designs them such that they retain the essence of the traditional dream catchers, but adds a modern twist which seemingly blends with traditional structure to produce dream catchers which portray beauty and fascinates the observer. There is a variety in the products to cater to the tastes of diverse groups. Daedal Dream Catchers employ women who aren't financially well off and they are the only source of livelihood. The products are handcrafted these women meticulously. The raw materials used are handpicked to meet the quality control and are exquisite. Personal care is given to the production of each dream catcher. Daedal Dream Catchers aim to deliver products that are aesthetically appealing and are guaranteed to add colour and brighten any room they are showcased in.

Daedal dream catchers- Ice Berry - Details

  • Red and Black dream catcher
  • L*B*H(in cm)- 17*1*45
  • The red and black crystals forms the inner and outer ring respectively
  • Soft fluffy red and black feathers are used

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